Frequently asked questions

If you need more assistance please contact us through our website or send us a message on our facebook page.
Do I need a Bengalfonts account for using the free fonts?

Yes, you'll need to create account to use free fonts. However, have you seen out pricing, Check here

The fonts are not working in Application, What Can I do?

Please contact us at bengalfonts@gmail.com and send as much information as you can, including: -Operating system and version -The application(s) you’re having trouble with The more details we have, the easier it will be to help.

I’m having trouble with a font installed with the Bengalfonts app.

First, you may want to clear the font caches of the program you are having a problem with. If the problem continues, try using the font in a different program. If this does not work, please send us a support request.

I have a subscription and it still can't download the fonts. What can I do?

Empty the cache folder and restart the program and login in again. if the problem continues, send us a mail at bengalfonts@gmail.com

Which operating systems do you support for the Bengalfonts app?

We support Windows version 7 and later. On Mac, we support OSX version 10.7 and later.

What if I want to use the fonts on a number of computers that are not specified on your website?

The price brackets for the number of computers are fixed ranges so you would need to contact us for custom packages

How can I purchase a Webfont or license for broadcasting?

We're currently not providing web fonts and broadcasting license through our website. However, you can Mail us to get a quote at bengalfonts@gmail.com

Which payment systems do you accept?

Currently we are only taking payments through bKash and Rocket. We'll be adding more payment methods soon.

What are your refund and exchange policy?

All sales are final, and no refunds will be given in cases other than insurmountable technical difficulties.

WI need a character to be included in the font: can you do it?

Yes, please contact us with you request: bengalfonts@gmail.com

Any additional questions?
please feel free to contact us.

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